Creating Community Through Meaningful Partnerships

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"The Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality (WCHQ) is pleased to become one of HealthConnect.Link's partner organizations. We are confident our member health systems and their patients will benefit from this valuable new tool that can be used to identify the availability of local community resources. Providing the proper referral tools to healthcare practitioners and their patients is vital to maintaining and improving the overall health of individuals and communities in Wisconsin."

Matt Gigot, WCHQ Director of Performance Measurement and Analysis


“It is so wonderful to be able to join together with HealthConnect.Link in providing our community with support and services available to them.”

- Cindy Thompson, START Program Director


“HealthConnect.Link will help to break the barriers homelessness, disabilities, and low-income poses toward accessing healthcare. CAC will have options on where to send people instead of referring everyone to the same place. I’m excited to see what it can do for us so health providers know about our service too. It will be a catalyst for future relationships, between organizations like the CAC, patients and healthcare professionals. Any organization working with low-income people or people with disabilities, grassroots organizations, and food-pantries, homeless shelters or anywhere with volunteers that give referrals should consider supporting HealthConnect.Link.”

- Kristina Dux, Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin Programs and Services Director


“No longer does a client have to rely on the medical provider to remember every detail about every program and resource available.  They will be able to look up needed resources at the touch of their phone.”

- Melissa Menning, Program Director for The Road Home


“Many people and many agencies are doing good work, but we tend to work in silos. I’m excited about the opportunity for homeless providers and health providers to be more in sync to better serve individuals and families.”

- Kristin Rucinski, Executive Director for The Road Home


“We’re honored to be part of this innovative project and excited to reach more people in the community.  We take a lot of information and resource referral calls in our office, so I see our staff utilizing this resource when assisting someone over the phone or in person.  Access to real-time information makes the process of connecting individuals with those additional resources more efficient.”       

- Lindsay Wallace, Executive Director for NAMI Dane County


“I always think it is a great opportunity to be on the forefront of cutting edge programs, especially programs such as HealthConnect.Link that help reduce barriers for people in our community.  There are so many factors that affect a person’s overall health, so it makes sense to approach healthcare in a holistic way.  Housing providers, mental health providers, other social service agencies, and healthcare systems should work in unison to provide the best services to their consumers.  If the YWCA can help influence the way systems are accessed for the better, then we’re all in!”

- Shannon Ash, Housing Support Services Manager of the YWCA


“Listening to the life stories our patients share with us, we have come to understand the complexity of other problems they face that impact their health.  Because HealthConnect.Link will maintain an up to date daily availability to needed resources such as housing, domestic violence centers, job resources, and food banks, our volunteers can help them access these needed resources to improve their health in a broader sense.”  

- Dr. Mary Landry, Co-Founder Share the Health


“SSM at Home is in a unique position to help patients and families in need of health care. Because we offer a comprehensive line of services and support, we can be there for patients as their care needs change.  I look forward to working with HealthConnect.Link in an effort to provide resources and services to those in need.”

- Janet Bollig, Community Outreach Manager for SSM at Home


“MDI is excited to be a part of HealthConnect.Link because we share a similar vision of breaking down barriers for needed services for those who struggle to access them.  In providing dental care, MDI is a small piece of the bigger puzzle, but our organization strives to connect patients with resources they may be lacking.  We anticipate that visibility of MDI’s services on HealthConnect.Link will support our efforts to decrease emergency department and urgent care visits for tooth pain. Specifically, if a patient is aware that our clinic is open and accepting urgent needs cases, it is our hope that he or she will utilize our services.”

- Curtis Henderson, Executive Director of Madison Dental Initiative