Comprehensive & Practical

Our online community will include a broad array of free and subsidized health services; from primary care, mental health and dentistry, to emergency housing, food pantries, childcare, transportation and more.

It is designed to be familiar and intuitive. Searches are fast and results show up as color-coded pins on a fully interactive Google Map. The color-coding allows you to instantly identify nearby provider’s who can accept a new patient or offer the care and assistance a patient needs; you can even print off a map with directions to give to your patient.

Unlike other online databases, all of the organizations on Where Is Care will have complete control over their own information. They will have the opportunity to create a simple profile page that will include information about their services, the availability of those services, and the patient populations they help.

Giving these organizations the ability to easily communicate with their local healthcare community will help to ensure information is current and accurate. Having high quality information is paramount, so we will also employ a team of full-time staff dedicated to keeping our database comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate. They will play a key role as we scale up coverage from Wisconsin and Minnesota to the entire country.

"Our innovative and easy to use web and mobile search application has been designed with input from over a dozen healthcare practitioners in Madison, Wisconsin.  Ensuring an effective concept and design that will allow you to quickly match your patient's needs with health and social service agencies you know can help"
- Kevin Dwyer, Founder and CEO