HealthConnect.Link Adds CAC to Partnership

HealthConnect.Link Adds CAC to Partnership

Madison, Wi -- HealthConnect.Link, a Madison based nonprofit venture, today announced that it has added the Community Action Coalition For South Central Wisconsin, Inc. (CAC) to its existing partnership with the UW School of Social Work. Together they are working to develop and launch an online community of affordable health resources with the goal of increasing access to health and social services for low-income individuals and families. 

Kevin Dwyer, HealthConnect.Link CEO, said, “We see CAC a tremendous asset to our project. The excitement and support coming from their staff is amazing.”

The CAC assists individuals and families in poverty within Dane, Jefferson, and Waukesha Counties. Their services address community needs relating to food security, housing, information and referrals, clothing, and financial assistance. In 2015, the CAC facilitated services for 28,473 people and they received 16,937 calls seeking information and referrals.

“The joint venture will ultimately lead to improved access to health resources for all CAC participants.” Said CAC’s Programs and Services Director, Kristina Dux. “HealthConnect.Link will help to break the barriers homelessness, disabilities, and low-income poses toward accessing healthcare. CAC will have options on where to send people instead of referring everyone to the same place.”

HealthConnect.Link also has the potential to benefit health and social service resource providers. With the success of this project these organizations stand to benefit from improved operational efficiency, communication and public awareness.

Dux says, “I’m excited to see what it can do for us so health providers know about our service too. It will be a catalyst for future relationships, between organizations like the CAC, patients and healthcare professionals.” Adding that, “Any organization working with low-income people or people with disabilities, grassroots organizations, and food-pantries, homeless shelters or anywhere with volunteers that give referrals should consider supporting HealthConnect.Link.”