Madison Dental Initiative Joins HealthConnect.Link Partnership

Madison Dental Initiative Joins HealthConnect.Link Partnership

Madison, January 19, 2017 – HealthConnect.Link, a Madison-based non-profit venture, is very pleased to announce the establishment of a community partnership with Madison Dental Initiative, a non-profit dental clinic that provides dental care to the homeless and low-income population in Dane County.

HealthConnect.Link is creating an online community of free and subsidized health resources, helping low income uninsured or underinsured patients access needed services and support.  They are striving to provide an online tool for healthcare professionals and community support agencies to effectively connect patients with up-to-date, real-time information.  Access to HealthConnect.Link will be free to anyone with computer or phone internet service.

Madison Dental Initiative began as the Salvation Army Dental Clinic, established in 2009.  Student dentists, assistants and dental hygienists who volunteer with MDI are exposed to an area of medicine that is often only touched on briefly in their respective schools: the practice of oral/dental health and public health issues that surround this area.  MDI is also supported by passionate volunteer dentists and healthcare professionals.

Curtis Henderson,  MPH/Executive Director of Madison Dental Initiative

Curtis Henderson,

MPH/Executive Director of Madison Dental Initiative

States Curtis Henderson, MPH/Executive Director of Madison Dental Initiative, “MDI is excited to be a part of HealthConnect.Link because we share a similar vision of breaking down barriers for needed services for those who struggle to access them.  In providing dental care, MDI is a small piece of the bigger puzzle, but our organization strives to connect patients with resources they may be lacking.  We anticipate that visibility of MDI’s services on HealthConnect.Link will support our efforts to decrease emergency department and urgent care visits for tooth pain. Specifically, if a patient is aware that our clinic is open and accepting urgent needs cases, it is our hope that he or she will utilize our services.”

Notes Kevin Dwyer, CEO of HealthConnect.Link, “Affordable dental services are at critically low levels. The staff and volunteers at MDI are always working hard to ensure those most in need receive high quality dental care in a welcoming and compassionate environment. We at HealthConnect.Link understand how poor oral health, when left untreated, can contribute to other serious health conditions like cardiovascular disease, or even premature birth. By partnering with MDI we hope that we will be able to help them reach more of people in our community who need their services. We also hope that by working together we can inspire more dentists to contribute a small amount of their time and expertise to helping those in need.”

More information on Madison Dental Initiative may be found at or by calling 608.665.2752.

More information on becoming a community partner with HealthConnect.Link can be found here.

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