Madison Public Library and HealthConnect.Link Working to Improve Community Resource Access

By Sydni Tran

Madison, November 26, 2017 - HealthConnect.Link, a Madison-based non-profit, is an easy-to-use online community that allows low-income individuals, healthcare professionals, and health/social service providers to access an array of free and subsidized resources.

Mary Fahndrich, Community Engagement Librarian, says that the Madison Public Library, an institution that hosts programs to support community needs, is “accustomed to acting as a referral service for healthcare and social services, as well as financial and legal questions;” however, it is often challenging to communicate the availability of these services to the public in a timely and efficient manner. “We believe HealthConnect.Link will make resources more visible and identifiable, reducing the chance of overlooking the nearest resource in favor of the more familiar resource,” says Fahndrich. “It will also eliminate the time and energy spent traveling to access services that can take a toll on low-income patients.” By working together, HealthConnect.Link and Madison Public Library can deliver accurate and up-to-date information about resources within the community.

The Madison Public Library staff are “thrilled to see HealthConnect.Link remove some of the barriers to accessing health and social services and look forward to working together to make this information accessible to all.” noted Fahndrich.

Services provided by Madison Public Library include computer assistance classes, job assistance classes, free tax assistance, social service partner agency outreach hours, and home service programs.

Madison Public Library has recognized the benefits and strengths of HealthConnect.Link and are excited to contribute to the non-profit's future successes. Mary Fahndrich, Community Engagement Librarian, says that as a safe and welcoming place for the most vulnerable and marginalized members of the Madison community, Madison Public Library's newfound partnership with HealthConnect.Link will aide in bridging the information gap between those who need help and the resources that can provide immediate care.