HealthConnect.Link Announces Beta Release of Prototype Software

HealthConnect.Link Announces Beta Release of Prototype Software

Madison, April 18, 2017 – HealthConnect.Link, a Madison-based non-profit venture, is pleased to announce the recent completion of the Beta release of their initial prototype software. HealthConnect.Link is creating an online community of free and subsidized health resources, designed to help healthcare professionals and community agencies connect low income, uninsured or underinsured patients with needed services and support. This at-no-cost resource is available to anyone with a smart phone or internet access, and has the ability to match people to needed resources in real time. A future model will include more sophisticated design applications for use by medical practitioners within healthcare systems.  

The HealthConnect.Link Development Team is made up of a talented group of volunteer software/design professionals: Daniel Litvak, Fritz Brooks, Vianney Winger, Kevin Phillips, and Ziqi Ma.

“Seeing all the countless hours of work that our software development team has put into this project, late at night and over weekends, it’s amazing! Their passion and dedication is inspiring. What they have created, even at this early stage, is so impressive. It’s going to make a significant impact for so many people in our community.“ said Kevin Dwyer, HealthConnect.Link CEO.

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Daniel Litvak recently commented “It is not every day that I, a computer science major, can actually use my degree to provide value to those in need. When you can do the thing you love and help people, you take that opportunity! In my role, I do not interface with the ‘business’ side of HealthConnect.Link, but it feels like every few days there is an update from that side of our organization. The updates are exciting, big names/players, and they are excited! That makes putting in an extra hour that much easier.”

Litvak serves as the HealthConnect.Link CTO, and is also the CEO of his own successful start-up firm, Weight Up Solutions.

From a technical perspective, HealthConnect.Link Front End Developer Kevin Phillips noted, “One of the more interesting challenges we’ve faced so far is integrating with Google Maps to give a nice view of search results. I think the way this turned out will make the app really useful for people. I’m really excited for individuals to start using the app and giving feedback on things they like and don’t like so we can start to refine the app and make it work for everyone. What keeps me motivated to stay involved with HealthConnect.Link is seeing all the hard work that other team members are putting in to make this venture successful.”

Addressing HealthConnect.Link’s vision of linking people with needed resources, Software Developer Fritz Brooks shared, “I got involved with HealthConnect.Link because this was one of the first opportunities I’ve had in my life to make a real impact with the (technical) skills I possess. I’m really fortunate to work with a diversely talented group of people who want to make changes in the world for the better.”

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HealthConnect.Link Web Developer and Graphic Designer Vianney Winger summarized the long-term goal of the project by saying, “I envision HealthConnect.Link helping healthcare professionals and community members connect with available resources within the community in order to provide a more seamless and long-term solution to inefficiencies within our healthcare systems.”

“Now that we have a functional prototype of our online community, we have been able to start the first phase of user testing with our Ambassadors and Community Partners. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which tells the team that we are on the right track. That all comes from paying close attention to the needs of our various stakeholders from the onset of our project,” said Dwyer.

To date, HealthConnect.Link has a network of over twenty community partners and a dedicated team of over 45 ambassadors. More information on becoming a community partner or ambassador with HealthConnect.Link can be found at