Where Is Care Allies with OutReach LGBT Community Center

Madison, January 23, 2018 - Where Is Care is excited to develop a new partnership with OutReach LGBT Community Center, an organization devoted to serving gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in its community. OutReach offers resource information and referrals, transgender health advocacy, community computer access, a lending library, social support groups, and more.

Michal Osier.jpg

LGBT Senior Advocate at OutReach, Michal Osier explains, “LGBTQ individuals still contend with widespread discrimination that puts them at risk if they come out (publicly identify as LGBTQ). As a result, many LGBTQ individuals struggle to find a safe environment in which to connect with others, find answers to questions, and grapple with the issues in their lives.”

Where Is Care, Osier believes, will enable more people to easily identify and  connect with the services that OutReach provides; “Many people in Dane County are not aware of our organization and what we offer. Where Is Care can help make more people who may benefit from our services aware of our availability, our services, and the help and support we can offer.”

Osier continued, “OutReach’s hope is that Where Is Care will be able to make more individuals within the LGBTQ communities aware of us, and make it simple to contact and connect with our services . . . Where Is Care, as a real-time resource, will be very valuable in determining what services are immediately available, thereby greatly reducing both staff and client frustration, and making connection simpler and more efficient.”

Visit http://www.lgbtoutreach.org/ to learn more about the OutReach LGBT Community Center.