RWHC Partners with Where Is Care to Increase Access in Rural Communities

Madison, January 3, 2018 - Similarities among Where Is Care and the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) has prompted RWHC to join the growing network of Where Is Care partners. Executive Director of RWHC, Tim Size, expands on why this newfound partnership will benefit the rural Wisconsin community.

Size notes, "Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) and Where Is Care share the vision that grass-roots driven solutions are the most effective approach to meeting the needs of local communities, and I believe a non-profit model based on crowdsourcing the knowledge of local agencies will be more complete and cost effective than one provided by a centralized agency."

RWHC emphasizes the development of collaborative networking among rural hospitals in order to reach the needs of those in rural Wisconsin communities. The cooperative is a statewide collaborative of nonprofit rural hospitals and local health systems, with hopes of developing rural Wisconsin communities into the healthiest in America.

With Where Is Care's online community of free and subsidized health care and social services, Size continues to note that "Where Is Care will help us and our patients more efficiently identify the full range of affordable resources our patients and communities need to be healthy."

Furthermore, RWHC believes their contribution to Where Is Care is an “investment for our own vision for rural Wisconsin,” notes Size. He also mentions that Where Is Care’s advancement in high tech, high touch non-profit entrepreneurship directly reflects the heart of RWHC.

Where Is Care’s easy-to-use online community will aide RWHC in the development of higher quality, cost effective healthcare to those in rural Wisconsin communities. Where Is Care and RWHC’s newfound collaboration will also aide low-income patients, healthcare professionals, and health service providers in creating a healthier Wisconsin.