Where Is Care Establishes Partnership with Local Dementia Resource Group

Madison, January 3, 2018 – Where Is Care (formerly HealthConnect.Link) is excited about its newly formed partnership with Dementia Friendly Middleton, a volunteer organization devoted to educating and training community members, businesses, and other organizations about dementia. Dementia Friendly Middleton seeks to better serve those in our community who live with dementia and decrease the stigma and isolation that surround these types of diagnoses.

“People with dementia and their caregivers are often isolated, feeling unwelcome in the community and overwhelmed by even daily tasks.” says Dementia Friendly Middleton Lead Organizer Stacy Austin-Li. “We need to increase opportunities for people to find help.”

Austin-Li went on to note that “Families who are affected by dementia experience a tremendous increase in quality of life once they are connected with community resources such as support groups, memory cafes, respite care, and other services. By acting as a central repository for these critical services, Where Is Care is a tremendous resource for a volunteer group like Dementia Friendly Middleton, for it allows us as caring community members, not professionals, to help those in need learn about and navigate available resources.”

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with Dementia Friendly Middleton and help families going through this challenging experience find supportive services and resources.” Where Is Care founder and CEO, Kevin Dwyer shared. “My Grandfather, L J Wagner, had dementia when he passed away. It was a difficult time for my family. I wish we had known about an organization like Dementia Friendly Middleton then.”

Dementia Friendly Middleton is already working with a broad coalition of organizations and this new partnership will enable them to connect community members to resources more efficiently and effectively.

“Where Is Care might be a great tool for neighbors to help neighbors; for example we could collaborate with Where Is Care and our members to put together a series of informational sessions at libraries, senior centers, and other social hubs for target communities that provides educational content and also a brief tutorial on how to use this resource. We would definitely like to continue to work with Where Is Care to develop outreach to families affected by dementia!” concluded Austin-Li.