HealthConnect.Link Engages Key Community Partners

HealthConnect.Link Engages Key Community Partners

Madison, October 14 – HealthConnect.Link, a Madison-based non-profit venture, announces the addition of key community partnerships as they prepare their initial rollout.  HealthConnect.Link connects front-line medical providers to local clinical and community resources, increasing access and streamlining communication, via an innovative web and mobile search application.

HealthConnect.Link currently serves in partnership with Dean and St Mary’s, Tenant Resources Center, the UW-Madison School of Social Work, the Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, and St. Paul, MN-based We Are West 7th!.  HealthConnect.Link is pleased to announce that The Road Home Dane County and NAMI Dane County will also be included as community partners during their rollout phase.    

The Road Home is committed to developing long-term relationships with homeless families with children that can change lives.  The Road Home strives to not only relieve the immediate crisis of homelessness, but also to build skills, resources and relationships that set the stage for long-term success.

Regarding collaboration with HealthConnect.Link, Melissa Menning, Program Director for The Road Home, said, “No longer does a client have to rely on the medical provider to remember every detail about every program and resource available.  They will be able to look up needed resources at the touch of their phone.” Kristin Rucinski, Executive Director for The Road Home added that, “Many people and many agencies are doing good work, but we tend to work in silos. I’m excited about the opportunity for homeless providers and health providers to be more in sync to better serve individuals and families.”

NAMI Dane County is part of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the largest grassroots mental health organization in the US, dedicated to improving the lives of people living with serious mental illnesses, and their families.  NAMI Dane County is dedicated to the eradication of stigma and the improvement of life quality for all affected by mental illness.

Lindsay Wallace, Executive Director for NAMI Dane County, notes, “We’re honored to be part of this innovative project and excited to reach more people in the community.  We take a lot of information and resource referral calls in our office, so I see our staff utilizing this resource when assisting someone over the phone or in person.  Access to real-time information makes the process of connecting individuals with those additional resources more efficient.”       

HealthConnect.Link anticipates serving Dane County through continued meaningful partnerships and collaborative service to the community.

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